2020 Participation Rulebook:​

Section I: Drivers Requirements:

  1. All drivers must attend the Driver’s meeting

  2. All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license. 

  3. Driver’s must wear long pants and closed toe shoes

  4. A helmet is required. Must be SA2010 or SA2015, open faced helmets are allowed. All helmets must have a working chin strap and must be used.

  5. Road Speed is 10 mph in all areas off the track

  6. No trucks, vans, or SUVs are allowed without approval. Any soft-top convertibles must have rollover protection - read below for more info. Stacked reserves the right to refuse track use to any vehicle deemed unsafe for participation.

Section II: Vehicle Requirements

  1. Vehicle inspection will be conducted at the beginning of every event. Tech Inspection will be conducted before the driver’s meeting. Any car deemed unsafe will not be able to participate until all safety requirements are met.

  2. Brakes, Drive train, chassis, and suspension will all be inspected for safety.

  3. Fire Extinguishers are highly reccomended for all events. They must be mounted properly (no zip ties!) and must be within reach of the driver WHILE they are fastened into their seat. Minimum 2Lb rated 

  4. Everything Loose inside your vehicle must be removed including floor mats, cell phones, baby car seats, sunglasses, tires etc

  5. ABSOLUTELY no fluids can be leaking out of your car.

  6. Battery must be securely tied down with proper hardware. No duct tape or wood blocks, no bungie ties rope or zip ties. If the battery box is located in the drivers compartment then it must be sealed – non venting. If it is not sealed then it must vent to the exterior of the car.

  7. All suspension bushings and ball joints must be in good condition and must not have any play or clunking.

  8. All participants’ cars must have all lug nuts present on both wheels and spacers.

  9. A heat shield is required. This heat shield must protect the brake and clutch master cylinder and is only required for cars with exhaust manifolds on the same side as the brake/clutch master cylinders. If your engine bay is unmodified then this is not required. 

  10. Coolant overflow is required. Yes, it can be a bottle but the hoses must be properly fastened to the tank.

  11. Brake lights must be operational

  12. Tow hooks are highly recommended for both front and rear. They must be highly visible and/or their location clearly marked. Soft straps are not required but recommended for ease of use.


  1. All convertibles must have proper roll over protection. Fiberglass tops Do Not qualify as they provide no structural support. In order for convertibles to be able to participate in a Stacked On Track event they must have four point, structural roll hoops installed which must meet the requirement of SCCA Solo 1 Time Trials rules. These roll bars can be bolted in or welded, but must provide a full hoop with down bars from the corners of the hoop triangulating toward the rear of the car. If you are unsure whether or factory roll bar safety qualifies then please email us at info@stackedontrack.com so that we can review it. ​

  2. Note: Drivers with their tops down must use eye protection - helmet visor, glasses etc. 

  3. Miata Owners: Miata's 2006 and newer do not have proper OEM rollover protection and proper roll bar will have to be installed in order to participate in the Stacked On Track events. 

  4. We will be conducting a "broomstick Test" (the driver's helmeted head is below a bar placed on top of the roll bar and windshield). If you do not pass the test you will not be allowed on track. 

Section III Harnesses and Seats:

  1. Harnesses must be mounted properly. Harness in-date are recommended, expired harnesses must be in good shape with no rips or tears.

  2. Harnesses must be mounted using proper hardware. When using eye bolts which go though the floor, large fender washers must be used. Harness shoulder straps must be mounted to a roll cage or separate harness bar and should not be outside of 20* of horizontal. The seat cannot be used as a guide for the harness. Harness mounting points must be attached to the chassis or roll cage/harness bar, not to the seat or seat rails.

  3. If car does not have a roll cage, a harness bar can be used to mount the shoulder belts when using a 4, 5 or 6-point harness. 4, 5 or 6 point harness is required for any vehicles equipped with a roll cage, minimum of 5 point is recommended.

  4. Please refer to manufacture specs for proper installation and maintenance procedures.

  5. If stock seats are used, oem seat belt must be used. Harnesses are not permitted for use with seats which do not have provisions for such.

  6. If race seats are intended to be used with stock seat belt, the lap belt part of the seat belt must pass through the holes in the sides of the seat​


Yellow Waving:

      Vehicle online/on track. Slow with caution.


Yellow Solid:

      Debris, Slow moving vehicle, or vehicle way offline. Slow with caution. NO PASS UNDER YELLOW.

Black Flag Flashed then pointed:   

     Means for the driver black flagged to come into pits.


Black Solid at all stations:

     Means everyone must Pit.


Red Flag:

     All vehicles must come to a stop on track. CAUTIOUSLY!


Blue/Yellow Flag:

     Pass flag. Used to prevent slower traffic holding up a line of faster paced vehicles. Shown to the lead slower car to alert him of vehicles behind him and to let them by. Still must have point bys!


Checkered Flag:

     End of session. All cars must slow down to cool and pit.


  • Camping attendees must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid I.D. or be accompanied by parent / legal guardian. 

  • Cars cannot move during the designated camping hours: 11pm - 6am both Friday and Saturday 

  • Campground quiet hours begin at 12:00am - please respect your neighbors

  • No glass containers, kegs, etc allowed on the grounds. 

  • Weapons of any kind are not permitted 

  • No open fires

  • No Fireworks

  • No Burnouts or any reckless behavior. Staff and security will be patrolling all areas during the night and enforcing rules - do not be disrespectful to them

There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any rule-breaking. Any fireworks, reckless behavior, or disrespectful actions towards staff or security will not be tolerated and you/your party will be banned from camping at all future Stacked events. 

For any questions please feel free to contact the Stacked crew through our contact form or email at Stackedfest@gmail.com

Thank you,

Stacked Team

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