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Instruction with Stacked On Track

"The best classroom of all time was about two car lengths behind Juan Manuel Fangio."
- Stirling Moss

Instruction Format:


At Stacked On Track we approach instruction via a lead/follow format in addition to classroom sessions. We have had great success with this format and have seen drivers learn new skills and improve their on-track performance during the course of just one event. The lead/follow sessions allow drivers to see exactly what instructors are doing from a line, braking, and acceleration perspective that in-car instruction doesn't offer. 


Daily Schedule including lead/follow and classroom sessions: 

Once drivers arrive at the track and complete the driver registration they will immediately meet with their assigned instructor and discuss the day’s schedule and activities. Each on-track instructor leads a group of 3 to 4 drivers and any questions concerning our instruction process or on-track questions can be asked and answered at this time. After the instructor meet-up all Introduction and Novice drivers will head off to Classroom Session 1 beginning at 8:30am and lasting until 9am for Novice drivers and 9:20am for Intro drivers. After the classroom session has been completed drivers will wait to line up on pit out for their respective session starting 5 mins in advance (reference the schedule you received during registration for exact times). The first two sessions for both Intro and Novice drivers will have lead/follow instruction. Classroom Session 2 will start in the afternoon and all on-track & 1 on 1 instruction following this session will be on a request-basis only.

Following each on-track session there are debriefs (called “download sessions”) that take place between instructors and students to review on-track techniques and to answer any questions. 


Lead/Follow Instructors: Instructors are present during the drivers’ meetings and Classroom Session 1 for introductions. They participate in download sessions after on-track driving to review and discuss the session. Download sessions occur after both driving sessions 1 and 2 and after every 1 on 1 lead/follow is completed. Instructors are assigned 3 vehicles in each group (depending on the total number of instructors that we have) and participate in only the first two on-track sessions of the day.


The following hand signals are used during the on-track sessions to communicate with fellow drivers: 


Left hand out of the window tapping on roof: Signaling the “follow” drivers to get closer and pay attention to the line that you are running.

Hazard lights turned on: Means that the three cars behind you need to rotate. Example – car 1 goes to slot 3, slot 3 goes to slot 2, slot 2 goes to slot 1. Each following car should have the opportunity to follow directly behind the instructor. This should only be conducted on the straights.

Point-by: Mostly used in 1 on 1 sessions. Point follower by so you can watch their lines and positioning and get a good idea of their strengths and the areas where improvement is needed. 

Flashing your headlights: Used to signal the student in front of you that you would like a point-by so that you can take the lead again.

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